Winter is finally here in Arkansas.  Which can only mean one thing, time to get the dirt bikes out, and try to get in shape for our annual January campout/ride.
Dave, Scott, and myself heard there were some new single track trails, over at Brock Creek , so we loaded up, and headed out early Sunday morning. 

We arrived at the camping/parking area and it was bitter cold, by the time we got the bikes unloaded, and  dressed, I couldn't feel my fingers anymore.  Today would be  my first try at shooting some video off the dirt bike.  Weather conditions were not cooperating.  Cloudy, and very little sunshine, in a fast paced filming environment make it hard to get a good image.  The morning videos are somewhat blurry, and the lens kept fogging too.  We  hit the trails and in about 15 minutes of riding we were warmed up nicely.  I even remembered how to cross a log that was across the trail...

Video BrockCreek1