By now we were getting pretty warm, and decided to head back to get rid of our jackets, and eat some lunch.

Video BrockCreek3

This Next Video is one of my favorite trails.  It is a steep rocky climb that is covered with huge cement block sized rocks. The forestry dept has put 3 foot terraces every 100 feet, so you are constantly jumping and looking ahead to find a landing spot with no rocks!!!  My bike is heavier than everyone else's so it is not effected as much by the rocks, it just sort of plows through. The sun is starting to come out, so the videos are getting clearer.

Video BrockCreek4

Dave and I love to razz each other while riding. Roosting mud and gravel when possible. We have been know to run each other off the trail, and an occasional foot push when ewe think we can get away with it.  A botched wheelie gave him a good lead on me, and I acquired a broken lens…$30 Oh well…  But we have fun with it. 

Video BrockCreek5

Me picking up my bike