Once I started recording videos, I was really excited, till it came time to turn them into a video. That  is where the learning curve got pretty steep.  I am a small business owner/motorcycle mechanic Not an electronic guru, so I had to start asking questions, and spend some long nights learning how to convert pieces of ride footage into something halfway entertaining. A very helpful guy on one of the internet bulletin boards that I frequent had been somewhat influential in me wanting to start doing videos. I sent him a email and he was kind enough to give me some pointers. I have been using the Microsoft Movie Maker that comes with XP pro, and bought an upgrade for it that gives it a few more bells and whistles. Basically you upload your video from your camera to your computer, then open the Movie maker software. You select a clip to add to your movie project, edit it, then add another clip or 5 or however many you want. You can add special effects, clip transition effects, You can add and edit audio, or even add photos.  Then you can view you movie and save it at various compression rates depending on how much quality you want to keep or sacrifice in order to reduce the size of the finished file, so you can share it with others on the internet.  After making my first few videos I realized that every mistake I made riding was now going to be seen by others… So I had to be more conscientious of how I rode. I also discovered that camera angle, and smudges on the lens could ruin a days work of taping. Once the videos are made… Putting them on a website is another learning experience… I decided to host my own files rather than use one of those free sites that load everyone who drops by with cookies and spy ware. That meant I needed to learn some basic HTML as well as buy some space on the world wide web. I chose
"POWWEB" for a provider and have been very pleased with the download speeds. My web pages are not professional, but I have learned a lot and hope to improve and refine it more, as I find time between running my business, and raising a family.   I hope you enjoy the videos.

Typical view when working with movie maker;

Camera mount on the dirtbike

More pictures