About a month ago, I needed some brownie points with the wife, so I promised her we would make the trip to Jersey for Thanksgiving so she could spend the Holiday with her 2 sisters.  It  occurred to me later that this would be a great opportunity to meet "Flattbutt" one of the members of the BMW bulletin boards I frequent.  A quick glance at the weather forecast and it looked promising enough to piggyback my trusted steed along for the trip.

                        Rest stop in eastern TN.

Our stay for the first couple nights was with Paul and Melissa, who showed us great hospitality, Paul even bought my favorite beer. My perspective of New Jersey was broadened somewhat upon our arrival.

I was able to make contact with Flattbutt who graciously rearranged his work schedule, and actually took a day off work to show me around.  My wife and kids had plans to go sight seeing on Monday so I had a free day and the weather looked wonderful considering the time of year.  I was excited and felt very blessed.

Video link to NewJersey!